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Heather Yelland


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Heather and the team at The Elevation Company are dedicated to growing people – children, adults and businesses. They inspire people to discover their truth, build camaraderie, uncover their unique inspiration and create greater connection to themselves and others. Heather’s personal growth programmes enable people to reconnect with their hearts so they can find and walk their true path in life.

This work results in children who believe in themselves, engaged and inspired adults and thriving and innovative businesses. People are at the heart of every business and they are by nature emotional beings – each with their own drive and sense of purpose. It’s identifying the individual’s ‘purpose’ and harnessing their emotional capacity that is at the core of Heather’s work, and has businesses report an increase in cooperation, cohesion and productivity that was previously not thought possible.

With formal training in psychology, family and systems theory and business, Heather has been a ‘people’ specialist for over 30 years. Her ability to get to the heart of what drives and motivates people, what limits them and prevents them from realising their fullest potential has been the foundation of her work in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Asia. She is a humorous, energetic, powerful, inspirational, challenging, insightful, intuitive, and concise speaker and facilitator. She has that unique ability to engage with individuals in the context of a large group as well as addressing the needs of the group as a whole.

Heather also has enormous respect for the importance of structure and clear process and blends this elegantly with a capacity to work with the fluid dynamic of each unique group. While most workplace change and leadership development specialists seek to have everyone ‘one the same page’, Heather’s fundamental belief is that this ‘same page’ philosophy is a fast track to the death of innovation and true personal growth. What is sought instead is for each person to understand their own unique ‘page’ and how this contributes to the overall growth, cohesion and productivity of the organisation. Working to each individual’s unique point of inspiration is key!

“Heather’s work is incredibly powerful in creating change!  She has a very fresh perspective on how we as human beings work – within ourselves, in our families and in our businesses.  The result of our work with Heather is a stronger sense of clarity about the leadership of the business, a new paradigm of thinking about how to inspire the people who work for and with us, as well as an increased sense of innovation and resilience in creating new opportunities.  She is an incredibly talented speaker who has amazing capacity to reach into people’s fears and struggles and find the lesson or learning that releases the fear and replaces it with inspiration!  I strongly recommend you engage Heather and her team if you are serious about being a strong and dynamic leader and committed to building the human capital in your business”. Dr Jessie Tang, East West One Consortium, Malaysia

Heather has been featured in the Millionaire Books series as a contributor to the Millionaire Coach book, providing insights into how to “achieve a millionaire mindset”. She was also referred to as “Australia’s leading female personal growth specialist” by Cleo Magazine in an article exploring the importance of women’s leadership. Heather is currently working on completing her own book, “Be YOUR Best — a practical guide to elevating the human experience”, which is due for release toward the end of 2015.



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