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Felicity Heffernan

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Felicity Heffernan is a notable speaker who has over 20 years of exposure in the banking and finance world. She has been able to take what she learned in her banking and finance career and turn herself into a powerful speaker and educator. After a career move, Felicity spent time working as a property investor; and she spent over ten years working with clients who no longer qualified for traditional banking options.

Published Author

Felicity Heffernan is the author of a Limitless Wealth. Spending over thirty years working in the finance and real estate world, Felicity has a fresh perspective on wealth creation to share with the world. She’s been able to complete 151 real estate transactions and help multiple families with their financial situations. Limitless Wealth shares proven methods of getting out of debt to those who feel hopeless and full of doubt. Felicity is a woman with a financial plan and she’s here to share that zeal with those who are ready to receive it.

Expert in Real Estate Finance

She’s a whiz in finance and applies this to her ability to speak on multiple topics in the finance, real estate, and money field. Felicity is the author of the book Limitless Wealth, a book that teaches powerful lessons on never worrying about money again. Felicity is clear about how a person can live free from the crippling effects of debt in many aspects of life. She’s a very in demand speaker that has a passion to share her heart and to deliver the message with enthusiasm. Felicity is a specialist in several fields; including but not limited to, micro lending, real estate, wealth creation and women leadership.

Speaking Topics

  • 2015 Real Estate Progression and Movement in Australia
  • Economics of Lending
  • Real Estate Mortgages
  • Wealth Creation
  • Creative Real Estate
  • Flipping Houses
  • Renting Houses
  • Vendor Finance
  • Real Estate Investing
  • How to Buy Your First Home
  • Women Leadership
  • Empowering Women
  • Micro Finance


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