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Dilek Saticieli

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With an abundantly diverse background, Dilek Saticieli brings together business innovation, and immeasurable experience in her role as a dynamic and captivating storyteller. In marketing and communications Dilek Saticieli, is a compelling presence in attraction marketing strategies. As a speaker, she brings innovative thinking and an uncanny ability to recognize emerging marketing trends and business growth opportunities. Starting off her career in accounting and finance, she grew into marketing and communication, taking those skills to tourism where she created strategic alliances with major hotels.

In this series of evolutionary moves, Dilek began to explore marketing as a life force of long term business success. Dilek went on to work for major financial services companies in Australia including Tower Asset Management, Colonial, and Australian Ethical Investment Ltd. At Tower Dilek developed an interest in Tower’s Ethical Fund and soon become a product champion. This led her to pursue a career in the area of Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and she joined Australian Ethical Investment Ltd as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant.

Dilek was instrumental in targeting Institutional and Retail clients and raising brand awareness. Her marketing strategies led to the company attracting millions of dollars in additional funds. Dilek was invited to join the board of the Australian Ethical Investment Association and remained there for a number of years. Her broad and unique skill set, meant Dilek was sought after and offered a Marketing and Communications Manager role at Colonial. There she managed key marketing initiatives for managed funds and superannuation products. It was at Colonial her passion for training and development was ignited. She conducted regular presentations to administration and call centre teams. After many years in the corporate sector, Dilek turned her business brain in the direction of her heart’s passion and opened a Wellbeing Centre. The focus was on providing professional therapies, organic and aromatherapy products as well as running various classes including dance, yoga, meditation and personal development workshops.

Dilek’s 4 Core Presentation Topics:

Social Media – Facebook Facebook Ads: Secrets to generating clients on demand Keeping up with Facebook … why it’s not just about your ‘Likes’ With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform and the second most visited website on the internet. The Facebook audience size along with the ability to create hyper targeted ads makes it one of the best online advertising mediums for B2C and even B2B. Facebook allows advertisers to target a specific group of people based on demographics and interests. The recent enhancements also mean advertisers can create custom audiences, re-target to their web traffic and advertise based on specific keyword mentions. Facebook ads are more flexible and often cheaper than Google AdWords and offer heightened audience engagement. There are some tip and tricks you can adopt to turn Facebook into a lead generation machine where you can literally generate clients on demand.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing – the good, the bad and the ugly … how to get it right

Explainer videos – how smart companies are turning their websites into selling machines

YouTube Ads – how to dominate your industry and get a tonne of traffic from 5c per click If you’re not doing videos you’re sending your prospects to your competitors.

Video content is no longer ‘nice to have’ but an absolute must. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world and is set to become the most important medium for business. Prospects are also 85% more likely to buy when they watch a video. Youtube is also one of the cheapest ways of generating targeted traffic to your website. You also have the ability to repurpose videos across all other platforms, thereby enhancing all of your communications strategies. The good news is most businesses aren’t currently doing videos well. Badly done videos can do more harm than good. There are simple tactics and stealth video marketing strategies business you can adopt to dominate their market. Content Marketing Gone in 5 seconds – why compelling and engaging content is the only way User Experience – the key to updating your website to the 21st Century In an era of information overload and short attention spans, consumers are savvier than ever and it’s a challenge for any business to stand out from the crowd.

Consumers are no longer happy just being ‘sold to’ – they want useful information that demonstrates you understand their needs and will help them achieve their goals. Boring and outdated websites will send your visitors straight to your competitors. Not only that, any money spent on generating traffic will be completely wasted if your website fails to convert your visitors into buyers. Your web content and email campaigns need to engage, educate, entertain and inspire before starting your sales process. Strategic Alliances Harnessing the Power of Strategic Alliances … the Fastest Path to Business Growth Forming strategic alliances are the fasted way to grow a business. Finding the right business partners is one of the most important steps as many strategic partnerships fail in the first year. The structure of strategic alliances is also essential as a foundation. This presentation explores the best strategies to employ and the pitfalls to avoid in order to ensure a successful partnership.

Social Giving How the power of giving can boost your brand and increase your revenue When companies adopt a corporate giving plan, they not only offer meaningful involvement in their community, they also stand out from their competitors. The benefits of social giving include customer loyalty, happier employees, positive brand awareness, free PR, and ultimately a boost to profits. Studies show that consumers now consider a company’s social responsibility when deciding which products or services to buy and where to shop. They are also less likely to price shop if a company has linked a portion of their profits to a cause or charity. Forms of social giving can include donations, volunteering and sponsoring events. Smart companies are donating a percentage of their annual profits to a charity or cause related to their industry as well as supporting local community initiatives.

“Dilek is one among a rare breed of intelligent thinkers and marketing minds. I’ve seen her countless times create and implement strategies that have seen massive windfalls for her clients. If you spend even an hour with Dilek your business can’t help but grow as a result” Ben Simkin, CEO BusinessNet “Dilek is one of my favourite businesswomen! She is a brilliant marketing strategist and has the experience to back up her ideas. She’s given me some great strategies to grow my business. Keep an eye out for her … she’s doing BIG things!” Kenneth Pugmire, CelebBranding “Dilek is a professional who has brought great value to our events and projects. Her depth of knowledge on marketing and ability to simplify complex issues is a gift.”


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