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Denise Hall


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Denise Hall is an ex-Business Owner turned Exit Strategist and Business Broker to Business Owners of the world. She knows how to play the “Finish Unfinished Business” game like no other. 

Starting a business is a BIG deal.

Building it to become much more than a hobby is even BIGGER again.

In fact, building a Business into an Asset may result in it being possibly the largest asset you’ll ever own, if not second after your home. So NOT “Starting with the End in Mind” can result in all the blood, sweat, tears and money you’ve invested resulting in nothing!

According to recent statistics from the “Centre of Women’s Business Research USA”, only 3% of women-owned businesses reach $1 million revenue or more. Highlight women who are the primary breadwinner, that % is even lower no doubt. Denise is proud to feature in both categories. 

In July 2011, Denise sold her last business for fair market value, the third she has owned, built and sold. It was in the Consulting, Learning, Training and Organisational Development arena, doing 7 figures at time of going to market, so it wasn’t one that could just be packed away without due consideration of its future.

Blend this breadth of experience and execution together with her sense of humour, and you can see why Denise is sort after. 

From building a “Mother of a Business”, to finding a way to GET OUT as profitably and painlessly as possible, Denise paints a picture enabling all to see what needs to be done and how to do it, whether it be DIY or working along side her.

Speaking Topics

  • Business Planning “in Reverse” = How to Start with the End in Mind (regardless of how old it is)
  • Is your Business Ready to Sell if you get the tap on the shoulder?
  • How to Successfully Buy a Business
  • Buy | Sell Websites and Online Businesses



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