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Daniel Merza

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Breaking the mould, Daniel is a dynamic and engaging speaker who delivers high energy presentations that educate, empower and inspire individuals towards achieving success and significance in their professional and personal lives. Born to immigrant parents, Daniel’s resilience was tested from day one. Having escaped death at birth, Daniel was a victim of bullying for most of his school life.

On many occasions, Daniel was mislabeled as a young man with “no hope”. While these labels were damaging to his self-esteem, they did not break his resolve. Though battered and bruised for many years, Daniel remained resilient. In his final year of school, Daniel broke through his personal, academic and social barriers to achieve exceptional academic results, including being listed in the Top 10% of Australia, defying all odds. A Chartered Accountant at 23, Daniel has worked with some of Australia’s largest accounting firms in senior management roles.

While Daniel has achieved great success in his career, it was preceded by many failures, which is why his speaking messages to others are focused on using failure and adversity as fuel for growth and future success. Despite his corporate success, Daniel knew deep down that his life carried a much greater purpose. As a result, Daniel entered the professional speaking arena. Daniel delivers presentations in the areas of health and personal and professional development. Having spoken and inspired hundreds of people, Daniel’s core message to others is to “get the monkeys off your back”, just like he was able to.

Speaking Topics

  • Get the monkeys off your back
  • Breaking the mould – How to secure your one way ticket to optimal health
  • How to turn your body into a fat burning machine
  • Make money standing up
  • The Good News, The Bad News and The Great News – How to slam dunk your success this year and beyond


“Daniel was sensational — Dynamic, engaging and passionate. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed Daniel’s session with more than half of our attendees approaching Daniel following the session. We would definitely have him do another session for us again” – Raine and Horne Real Estate

“Daniel is a true professional. His knowledge and experience in health and wellness was communicated to staff in very practical and simple terms, leaving staff motivated and empowered to take action, which is the result we wanted” – Holman Webb Lawyers

“Daniel is an incredibly inspiring speaker. A dynamic and engaging presentation with a powerful message that left our attendees with a great deal to think about. He is also a joy to work with – professional and fun to be around. He is also a joy to work with – professional and fun to be around. I want to extend a huge thank you to Daniel. We’d definitely have Daniel come in again to do another session for us” – Chemist Works Australia


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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